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When is the RIGHT time to SELL my home?

“When is the right time to sell my home?” One of the top questions we receive as real estate agents and quite honestly one of our favorites. Whether you are an agent yourself, or a prospective seller/buyer, pay attention to the answer you receive in response to this question. The answer holds truth to the […]


It is time you get PRETTY WITTY on your MARKETING

It is time you get PRETTY WITTY on your MARKETING Proper marketing is data driven. It is also knowing which data is completely WORTHLESS. Conversion is crucial to your communication with your potential avatar. Effective marketing begins with identifying the targeted data points you are trying to extract. I see so much focus in the […]


Rare Coronado Historic District 4plex For Sale | 2336 N 11TH ST Phoenix, AZ 85006

Coronado Historic District investment opportunity: fourplex in Central Phoenix historic community near Downtown Phoenix and minutes to popular shopping, dining and entertainment. Fantastic rent rates in this updated historic 4plex means great cash flow! Additional Coronado Historic District homes For Sale can be found here


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