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PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® is a strategic group of licensed REALTOR®s working together, each specialize in multiple aspect of the real estate industry. Our strategic model allows each team member to become an expert in his or her area of specialty and to provide superior service to all of our valued clients.

PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® top five lists of benefits from using our team to buy your next home:

1. PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® will not charge you a penny for our services, because we are traditionally paid by the Seller.

2. PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® has thousands of homes to choose from through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so you are more likely to find a home that is not only right for you but also find it quicker!

3. PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® is experiences will help to resolve any issues to see your transaction through a successful closing.

4. PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® has new build portfolios complete with backgrounds on the builder, nearby subdivisions, and the local community which serves as a valuable resource in your new build home purchase!

5. PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® is experienced in negotiating the transaction, preparing the purchase contract, and assisting you through the entire escrow process.

Buying a home is an investment and one of the most important decisions you will make. That is why it is in your best interest to team up with PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® who listens and understands your needs, PLUS has detailed knowledge of the area in which you want to want to live!

Looking for Superior Marketing?

1. Home of the exclusive ‘99 Point PRETTY WITTY REALTOR® Marketing Plan

2. Dedicated marketing department. Creating a personal experience for marketing and selling your investment. Our marketing department focuses on highest qualified foot traffic, decreased days on market and increase sale price!

3. Are you connected? Let our busy social media sites boost your bottom line!

4. Knowing your web presence: we syndicate ALL our listings to 1,000s of websites daily with updated information.

5. Gone are the days of the simple ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard! Our signs call, text, email and talk to prospective buyers instantly! This allows us to communicate with new buyers directly for you.

6. Fully integrated auto phone dialer system designed to generate buyer traffic ALL day.

7. Our lending partnerships will bring more buyers to your door with exclusive buying programs, incentives and more

8. Let us bring in the media! That’s right; our relationships with local and national media centers including radio, television and print base advertisements increase the awareness of your investment (both English and Spanish).

9. Most importantly, you have the PRETTY WITTY REALTOR®, we brag about ALL our listing!

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address14700 N Airport Dr Suite #214
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
state license #SA623353000

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Pretty Witty Realtor® | Venture REI, LLC
14700 N Airport Dr Suite #214, Scottsdale AZ 85260

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Phoenix Association of Realtors, Member
Arizona Association of Realtors, Member
National Association of Realtors, Member

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