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Dream Team Arizona
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It is time you get PRETTY WITTY on your MARKETING

It is time you get PRETTY WITTY on your MARKETING

Proper marketing is data driven.
It is also knowing which data is completely WORTHLESS.
Conversion is crucial to your communication with your potential avatar.
Effective marketing begins with identifying the targeted data points you are trying to extract.
I see so much focus in the arena on fancy ads and creatives married to content but limited focus on emotional triggers and reversed engineered targeting.
There are entirely too many fucking opinions and not enough collaboration.
The marketing landscape is massive and there is entirely too much to go around.
I am BY NO MEANS an expert and only hear to share what we learn along the way.
There is a reason our organic reach converts
There is a reason Kasey and I (Anna Selby) have been able to marry social media to drive our brick and mortar business online and maintain SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS.
It is not easy
It does take work
It is something each of you can employ.
I am writing this POST to ease the Private Messages I have and do not have time to respond to today…
We will knock them out by Friday.
What we win at…
We have filled more seats then I can count off of ORGANIC traffic.
Organic traffic over time becomes your raving fans.
It is a the LONGEST road to build but in my mind it is the most FRUITFUL.
We have sold more homes online
We have captured leads online
We reverse engineer the process and marry it to a sequence…SYNDICATE…and marry it to a user roadmap…
I am ALL FOR lacing in ad sets to drive additional revenue
KNOW YOUR DATA, know what data is fuxking worthless (as most of it is), and SEEK COMPREHENSION first.
Have a CLEAR understanding of your goal and the conversion required.
Understand that all conversions revolve around a trial-and-error basis and if you commit to understanding your data YOU WILL WIN.
Interlace emotional triggers and speak to the behavior patterns of your avatar.
Know that LEAD GEN is not ENOUGH.
We invite you to marry your “hunting” to “farming” by employing a proper email system…we actually HAVE one we are bringing to market in the matter of weeks
Marry marketing…hunting (where leads are generated), soft core closing (where leads are PROPERLY converted, to farming (our email nurture system) and I would be shocked as shit if you were still sinking in that Hustle House of yours
Just some Pretty Witty tips and if you are confused on what this means or where to start we are here to help
We have got your back boo’
It does NOT matter if you are a church, a fit pro, a real estate agent, an entrepreneur, launching a book, a sweaty yetti, the fuxk boy down the street, a CEO, or filling a speaking event…if you know how to block it out, strip your data points, and execute consistently…you will always fuxking win.
I should probably insert this to defuse any potential egos reading this…
You kind sir or madame’ are in fact brilliant…
I am not here to say I or we are better than you…the marketer…the FACEBOOK ads guru…I will go on record and say I and we are DAMN GOOD at what I DO and always happy to share
Power in numbers
Power in contribution
Contact Pretty Witty if you want a revision or roadmap to sustainable success

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