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When is the RIGHT time to SELL my home?

When is the right time to sell my home?”

One of the top questions we receive as real estate agents and quite honestly one of our favorites. Whether you are an agent yourself, or a prospective seller/buyer, pay attention to the answer you receive in response to this question. The answer holds truth to the level of experience and the clear intentions of the person you ask.

Probably not the answer you were expecting but allow us to explain. We hear so many agents claim NOW IS THE TIME…

We truly wish agents would dive below that surface level of the ice berg and dig into WHY IS THE TIME NOW?

Is it because then agent is desiring the commission from the sale?

Is it due to information the agent recently consumed from current market standards?

Again, I would invite you…the seller…the buyer…the agent…to dig deeper…allow us, PRETTY WITTY REALTORS to answer it?

When is the right time to sell my home?”

It truly comes down to WHAT THE END GOAL IS FOR THE PERSON ASKING. So, what is your goal?

We like to look at things from a real perspective and identify the clear goals of our client, present what is actually possible, and marry it to a probable solution.

Clear goals

What is it that you are hoping to achieve by selling your home? Money is always a factor so we invite our clients to be clear on the money they would like to walk away with AFTER closing costs.

Do you need to be somewhere by a particular time? Do you know where you will be moving to? Are you ready to move?


It is great to know that you may want a specific dollar amount for your home, but the market may not yield your net. It is important that your agent researches exactly what the current market is offering for homes like your, in the area, at the time you are wanting to sell.

In addition to money, it is important to take a look at how many days the homes similar to your stay on the market. Days on market are clear indicators and we also like to look into cancels and expires in your area. There are several reasons a listing cancels or expires, but to know if it stems from a non agreement in price to market standards helps.


It truly comes down to the clients needs. Now may very well not be a good time to sell. If money is the focus and what you desire is way out of range, would you sell?

Timing may not line up?

All of the above can be identified by driving through the real and raw questions. If you are wanting to sell and would like real answers and a solution reverse engineered with a step by step map tailored to your needs…Shoot Anna Selby or Kasey Harris of PRETTY WITTY REALTORS; Venture R.E.I. a text today 602–570–2649 or message us directly here:

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